Friday, November 7, 2008

East Richmond Heights law enforcement tax fails

A proposed parcel tax to bolster law enforcement presence in a pair of unincorporated neighborhoods near Richmond failed to receive the required two-thirds majority at the polls Tuesday night.

Measure F would have cost the owners of about 1,900 parcels in the East Richmond Heights and Bayo Vista neighborhoods $108 annually per parcel, raising about $180,000 annually to support a Contra Costa sheriff's deputy dedicated full time to serving those communities.

Deputies now patrol those neighborhoods as part of a larger geographic beat that includes more crime-challenged areas, such as North Richmond.

Local concern about an increase in car and home break-ins spurred support for the tax. The Contra Costa Elections Office reports that the measure received 929 votes in favor, or 60.2 percent, to 615 votes against, or 39.8 percent.

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