Friday, February 27, 2009

Long list of candidates for Tuesday's Alamo town council vote

Alamo voters will have 15 candidates to pick from when they vote for a Town Council Tuesday.

But first the ballot's main issue — Measure A — will have to pass. That measure will determine if the area incorporates as a town.

Sixteen names will appear on the ballot for five council spots. They are Diane Barley, Bob Connelly, Dennis Johnson, Vicki Koc, Karen McPherson, Steve Mick, Vish More, Kevin Morrow, John Morrow, Randall Nahas, Karl Niyati, Joe Rubay, Grace Schmidt, Roger Smith, Brad Stribling and Brad Waite. Stribling has since dropped out.

John and Kevin Morrow, who are father and son, are the only two candidates who oppose incorporation. Neither has worked on the anti-incorporation campaign.

The other candidates support incorporation, with many involved with that campaign early on.

Koc, Nahas, Connelly, Mick, Schmidt, More and Rubay said they have actively worked toward incorporation and were involved in the campaign.

McPherson, Smith, Barley, Niyati, Waite, Stribling and Johnson support it, with Johnson adding "cautiously."

Pro-incorporation campaign co-chair Chris Kenber said the group is not endorsing candidates.

Neither is the anti-incorporation campaign, said Tony Carnemolla, a leader of that group.

He said there are candidates he would like to see in place if Alamo is incorporated but that giving endorsements would conflict with his campaign's anti-incorporation Advertisementmessage.

Meanwhile, some candidates have endorsed others, though there are no clear alliances, with many running independently.

The Morrows are endorsing each other. McPherson is endorsing Barley.

Smith is endorsing Waite, McPherson, Barley and Niyati.

Schmidt is endorsing Koc and Nahas. Waite endorses Smith. Koc is endorsing Nahas, Mick and Schmidt. Johnson said he may endorse Smith and Waite.

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